Since the very first moment I was shown this place, I’ve been fascinated with its charming, peaceful, yet spooky atmosphere. Exploring the huge abandoned garden and its opulent ruins made me feel like I was discovering a spectacular treasure. Quite predictably, I couldn’t help but imagine the abandoned villa as the set of my next photoshoot.

Few weeks later Hailey and Jero came to visit me on the island. Hailey, who was aware of the project, picked a seventies dress she found in her¬†grandmother’s closet and together we agreed to recreate the mood of that decade.

I’ve always thought it was easier for people to play a part when they found themselves in front of the lens. They’re not afraid to go too far, being awkward or grotesque because they’re requested to do so. They can hide behind the mask of the role they’re playing and have fun with it. Hailey, that day, was asked to impersonate a late sixties/early seventies diva and she nailed it perfectly.


Lubitel 166+, Rollei 400 (120), October 2014, somewhere on the Isle of Wight

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October 23, 2014

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