Berlin,  20.06.20

I started the “bodyelectric” project in January.

Nothing fancy or conceptual.

This time around I just wanted to play with the 3D effect given by red and blue gels applied on studio lights. It was a chance to have fun with friends on a cold winter night and to explore indoors shooting with artificial lights, something completely far from my comfort zone.

After a first session, whose outcome got very close to what I had in mind, I abandoned the project. A bit because of the whole Covid19 situation and the very unlikely chance to meet with friends indoors, but mainly because I found myself struggling with self worth and didn’t really feel in the right place to shoot.

During the lockdown I managed to put my shit together and came to terms with the fact that I incredibly missed shooting and connecting with new people. That’s why, no long after the safety measures loosened up, I didn’t miss the chance to be out and about taking one session after the other, mainly with new faces that I had come across on IG. And some of these quickly became new friends.

When I asked Andreas, Marc and Philipp if they were up to meet up for the next instalment of “bodyelectric” they didn’t know each other. But, to be utterly honest, aware of how bubbly, sensitive and caring they all are, I didn’t doubt for a second that things could take a weird turn.

And that’s how, after an icebreaking Aperol spritz fueled dinner, I tried my best to capture Marc’s charm, Andreas’ sass and Philipp’s edge.

Miranda Sensomat RE, Kodak Portra 400 (35)





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June 23, 2020

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