“Herbst” is a series of portraits of different people, shot this Autumn in several spots of London with the Lomography Petzval lens.

Isabel was around in pretty much all the sessions of Herbst. All the colored portraits of her were taken while I was leaving the models alone for a second to catch their breath. The black and white ones, which turned out to be my favorites, are the results of a quick sunday AM session in Columbia Road, just before I headed to a weekend shift.

After all the pics I took of her in the last years she keeps on asking me if I’m not tired of her and of her face. And I’m honestly not tired at all. Throughout these years I’ve learned exactly what she likes and what she doesn’t when it comes to her own portraits, so I’m somehow always playing in a comfort zone. However, the last thing I want is to keep on taking the same pic on and on and on, so, we’re always trying to spice it up and to introduce something new. We’re of course very comfortable with each other and she knows perfectly how demanding I can become when I shoot, and luckily she doesn’t mind it. When in a good mood (she cannot stand people staring at her during a shooting and when she notices them doing it, she pulls a typical “I’m not in the mood face”) Isabel can be extraordinary, and I’m not saying it because she is my muse. She’s one of the few people that makes me anticipate for the rolls to be developed!

That’s why I think she really deserves to be the last face of this series.

Nikon N55, Petzval 85, Kodak Elitechrome 200 (35, expired) / Fuji Velvia 50 (35, expired) / Agfa Scala 200 (35, expired) / Agfa CT Precisa 100 (35), London, October and November 2015

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January 10, 2016

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