Long distance relationships, chapter #4, part 2/2

4 days trip in Belgium for Isabel’s Birthday



– day #1. Bruxelles. Waiting for each others for ages unaware that we we were in two different stations / super warm weather (quite a nightmare if you’re used to the UK standards) / cherries / fries while strolling in the city centre /  multicultural market and jamaican food / chilling out by the water / world cup 2014 openinig ceremony @ the atomium / isa’s worst headache ever;

– day #2. Chateau de Noisy/Antwerp. hours spent driving in the woods trying to find the abandoned castle / determined not to give up we started asking whoever we met on our way about its location / precious hints given by an elderly Flemish couple / climbing on a hill on foot ignoring, as usual, the signs of private property (and the shooting on sight ones as well) / feeling astonished in front of one of the most beautiful and spookiest abandoned places in the whole world / being caught red handed by watchmen… / Strolling around Antwerp and wondering how it would feel like to live in this stunning city / Isa mistaken for a prostitute in the red light district (hahahah) / midnight: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MY LOVE!!! / woken up in the middle of the night because of a loud massive hailstorm;

– day #3 Antwerp/Doel/Bruges. traditional breakfast in Son’s place / discovering the effect of the massive hail storm on the rent car… / reaching the walking dead styled Doel on the notes of the most unappropriate song ever (the Conga…) / Isa’s lubitel “birthday girl” photoshoot (http://andrejrusskovskij.com/?p=852) / finding out how Bruges looks like a labyrinth / romantic dinner on the canal / walking underneath the rain / jacuzzi time;

– day #4: Belgian chocolate and croissants in Bruges / quick overview of Ghent / realising that, as far as car rentals are concerned, paying an extra money for the full insurance is better than having the regular one and being forced to face the damages of a hail storm

Olympus OM 10, Lomography Purple XR 100-400 (35), June 2014, Belgium

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July 6, 2014

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