This is one of my favourite series because it basically summarizes the things I love the most in photography.

It was shot in early October 2013 before Isabel moved to Hungary. I got back home, exhausted, after two months spent working in Northampton and Wisbech(UK). Those two months were probably amongst the hardest I’ve ever lived: impossible working schedules, exploitation, threats and a constant heads-up feeling.┬áNot surprisingly I didn’t have many chances to take pics but I was seriously longing for it.

In one of the few days we spent together in our hometown before Isa moved, we took advantage of a beautiful early Autumn sunset and we went to the local abandoned sanatorium (where we previously broke in many times). Determined not to waste a single minute of that bewitching and warm light, we went streight to the best spots of the complex. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.

Isa’s makeup was inspired by Cassie’s in one of the episodes of the last Skins season

Lubtel 166+, Lomography X-Pro 200 (120), 2/10/2013, Sondrio (Italy)

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June 22, 2014

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