I’ve been torn between publishing this album or not for a while. Truth to be told I’m not a big fan of grains.

I started having problems with my Olympus OM 10 quite a while ago when I lost a whole roll of shots taken with Isabel in London and with my friend Adele in Amsterdam. Of course I was quite pissed but I managed to identify the problem in a defective locking mechanism. Once fixed, I gave another go to the camera in Belgium. Quite oddly, all the pics taken in flawless light conditions turned out to be very grainy. I blamed myself for mistaking the right settings and I decided to use the Olympus OM 10 again while I was on holiday in Greece. To my utter disappointed, the whole film, once developed, was incredibly overexposed.

My faithfulness to film photography was strained again.

I chose to publish these pics not for their artistic value, which to be honest it’s quite low, but for the good times they recall.

Olympus OM 10, Agfa CT precisa 100 (35), July 2014, Corfu (Greece)

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August 6, 2014

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