Uckermark + Rügen, 22-26/07/2020


No plans. One car. A mattress. Way too many clothes. Two boys in love.

At first I wasn’t the biggest fan of this idea. I always played it spontaneously and went with the flow but, at least, I had a rough plan in my mind.

Christoph encouraged me to leave it to “our energy”, which surely would have found a way for us. And I decided to embrace this attitude. Little I knew, in that moment, that he had never done anything like this before. But he couldn’t be more right. Leaving Berlin behind our shoulders and living this adventure minute by minute, in the most spontaneous and carefree way, was probably the most energising experience I’ve had in a long while. Because there’s nothing better than being in the moment. Especially when each single moment, even the most simple one, is intense, magical and so worth living.

Miranda Sensomat RE, Kodak ColorPlus 200 / Kodak Portra 400 (35)

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July 30, 2020


Oh! Love that you say that! I will definitely disclose more on some IG posts. And well, the story’s just at the beginning 🙂

Plans are only good if they are extremely flexible. If they aren’t, they will make us close-minded and we won’t even realize it. It’s always better to trust the energy. 🙂  

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