28-29/08/2018, Dubrovnik (Croatia)

“Oh my God, this is so pretty”

This, repeated at a frequency of at least once every ten minutes, easily sums up how I felt about Dubrovnik right from the start.

Reached after a 3 hour bus ride from Kotor, me and Miria couldn’t help but immediately falling for the old town, otherwise known as GOT’s Kings Landing.

It’s touristic, expensive, hot and humid, and its main streets are as packed as the London tube in the rush hour, however, as soon as you opt for a narrow side alley you find yourself in another universe: slow paced, shaded, fresh laundry and herbs scented. And walking aimlessly around them, witnessing its inhabitants slowly living their lives, without a care in the world for the hordes of star-struck GOT lovers, hunting for the ultimate selfie spot, was probably what I fancied the most about it.

Of course we played tourists and didn’t miss a stroll around the city walls or a sunset hike up the mountain for a dreamy panoramic view (the walk is actually beautiful, leave the 20 euro funicular ride for your granny). However, when I I look back, the first memories that come to my mind are the ones of us actually taking things easy and just enjoying the moment. And I’m immediately reminded of us chilling on a secret small rocky beach, just outside of the city walls, where we dove in the blue and warm Adriatic Sea and let the sun fry our skin in crispy bacon style. Or the late night talks on the staircase while sipping craft beer. Or marvelling at the view of the city and its rooftop shimmering in the golden hour light, from the bougainvillea adorned terrace of our hostel, while the church bells of the whole town chimed in unison. Won’t deny feeling a bit like Cercei in that moment…


Miranda Sensomat RE, Kodak Gold 200 (35)

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May 24, 2020


Hi, I just loved so much the results of your film, you do have some really nice images!
Did you use any set in particular? Or have you pushed the film?

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