Days spent: 3
Days recommended: 1 is enough for the wine tour, up to you if you want to visit the city or go to the hot springs.

Where we slept: dorm in Lagares Hostel, a cheap, clean and super friendly solution.

What we ate: dulce de leche on bread for breakfast, ice cream (one of the best we’ve ever had, and we’re Italians, @ Ferruccio Soppelsa. Try pistachio and dulce de leche), Milanesa (the Argentinian “cotoletta alla milanese”, another proof of their Italian heritage) & empanadas (@ El Palenque, a restaurant in pulperia /tavern style), carne de olla (a yummy and not too greasy beef stew)

What we drank: Malbec, Malbec and Malbec (@ world known vineyards: Domiciano, Mevi, Tempus Alba…)… also beer (@ El Patio Cervecero, a biergarten in reggae vibes, and @ Antares Brewery).

How we travelled: nightbus from Buenos Aires to get to Mendoza (16 hours), by public bus to get to Cacheuta hot springs and to reach the vineyards. By bicycle to get from one vineyard to the other.

How many km we walked: 40.5

How Mendoza affected our wallets: not so much. Everything was quite cheap.

Issues we encountered: the main issue was getting there on a Saturday late AM, after a typically long bus ride from Buenos Aires. It was too late to embark on a wine tour, and we also thought our exhausted bodies would have made it too easy for the alcohol to kick in. On Sunday the vineyards are closed, so we had to postpone it to Monday. Which was a bit annoying because there’s not much to do in the actual city of Mendoza.
Maybe hang out with somebody else at night or take a taxi to and from your destinations. Some streets were very dark and shady after sunset.

Would we recommend it? ish. Both me and Isa thought Mendoza was very overrated. The vineyards are nice but the area isn’t. Our opinion grew stronger after a couple of weeks, when we saw how beautiful the vineyards in Cafayate (Argentina) were. However, the fun you will have, will make up for the initial disappointment.

Analogue tips: Bring light and resistant gear with you at the vineyards. Or wrap everything up. The likelihood of you falling while riding tipsy, well, let’s say drunk, shouldn’t be ignored.

What to do:

Things we missed: I guess we didn’t leave much behind.

Who deserves a big thank you: Biene! For being the best drinking buddy we could have asked for! It was an instant connection and we felt immediately at ease with you.

Olympus OM-10, Lomography Redscale 50-200 (35)

Canon EOS 300, Agfa CT Precisa 100 (35)

17-18-19/12/2016, Mendoza (Argentina)

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April 20, 2017

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