Thailand has been on our (and probably on everybody’s) bucket list for years.

I guess what makes this country such a desirable destination is a cocktail of juicy ingredients: delicious and cheap street food, Indiana Jones’s-like ancient ruins, picture perfect heavenly beaches, opulent temples and royal palaces, laid back hippie atmosphere… Who can resist?
Visiting Florida and the Bahamas during the off season taught us a lesson: don’t mess with tropical countries in the wet season! This time around, we acted a bit less naive and actually checked, before booking our flight, which time of the year was the best to go there. And winter turned out to be the ideal time with dry sunny weather and average temperatures of 30°C… A dream!
The anticipation of this trip made many depressing winter moments in London a bit less traumatic.

Without much booking, apart for the first accommodation, a night train ticket and two internal flights tickets, with an incredibly vague plan in our heads, me and Isa hopped on a plane to Bangkok and started a two weeks backpack adventure.

Day 1 and 2: BANGKOK

After a very bad start with 2 drunken idiots sat behind us on both our 7 hours flights, we landed in Bangkok where we immediately plunged in the city chaotic yet welcoming vibes, without knowing that we got there in time to celebrate the beginning of the Chinese new year.
2 nights and 1 day in Bangkok are totally NOT enough. I wish we hadn’t listened to all the people that said not to stop for too long in the capital.

Where we stayed: Lamphu house ( On a beautiful quiet canal, not too far from hectic Khaosan.

What we experienced:

Well, yes, if you were wondering: our pace is quite fast!

Nikon N55, Petzval 85, Agfa CT Precisa + Velvia 50 (expired) + Velvia 100, 6-7/2/2016, Bangkok (Thailand)

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March 7, 2016

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