I’m writing this while on a 22 hours bus journey from Santiago to Calama, in Chile. I have the Pacific Ocean on my left side and the Andes on my right. The sun is shining and, apart from the bus, there’s nobody/nothing to be seen. And it’s simply beautiful.

We’ve been travelling for more than a month now, we’ve visited three countries and met loads of awesome people from all over the world. But still we haven’t realized where we are and what we are doing.

Before our departure, many people told us how brave they thought we were for leaving everything behind, quitting temporarily our careers and venturing South America for four months. But I see no bravery in leaving something that makes you unhappy behind and trying to make the best of your youth by doing the things you love the most: exploring new countries and taking analogue pictures!

So welcome to our journey people. I hope we will manage to inspire you and hopefully make you realise that there’s nothing bad in taking chances and follow a not so conventional path.

Keep Film Alive in South America: Intro

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January 12, 2017

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