19-20-21/07/2019, Debrznica (Poland)

First thing first: check the surroundings.
Since you can’t fully embrace what happens in Wonderland if you don’t get to explore Wonderland first.

Stating that, as I joined in in my eighties minty green shirt, blue jeans, white socks and retro glasses, I felt comfortable right away, would be a big fat lie. It was more as if I was coming from another planet and needed some time to familiarise with this bizarre new universe and its uninhibited and flamboyant inhabitants. Also, getting there on Friday when everything has officially started one day earlier (and, unofficially, a few days earlier), made me believe for a short time that I had joined this tea party a bit too late.
Lucky me, I couldn’t be more wrong.

The Opening Ceremony
aka am I dreaming or I am awake?

As much as I had already slowly started to loosen up, the Saturday eve gathering had to be the official moment when my skepticism and concerns gave room to a mesmerising sense of belonging and openness.
But how could it possibly be something else? Surrounded by hundreds of people in their most beautiful nature-inspired attires, breathing in and out together, joining a liberating dream-like chant in unison and eventually getting down to a catchy tribal rhythm.
A midsummer night’s dream at its best.

The post orgasmic chill
aka the smooth and tasteful transition from a great party to another great party.

What happened after Saturday night’s opening ceremony is a mix of blurry memories and a collection of bizarre, colourful and over-the-top flashes that could easily live up to a David LaChapelle’s photoshoot set.
I quite felt the same way I do when I eat cherries: no matter how much of them I have, I just can’t help craving for more!

I emerged from my tent the morning after in the shiniest of summer days and took the chance to connect the dots while taking a long cold shower. I gave myself some alone-time in a quiet, sunkissed, spot by the pond. I hadn’t felt so calm and relaxed for God knows how long.

My batteries got charged right in time for the clay performance of Victoria and Larissa, two lovely Brazilians that I had hugged and breathed with during the “spiritual intimacy” workshop. The girls started to slowly paint each other skin and, as the beat turned ecstatic, got spontaneously joined by a playful crowd.
Unfortunately I’m too OCD for that 😅

Most people spent the afternoon/early evening by the pond or on the lawn, sipping Prosecco, connecting and laughing with each other, coming up with some new outfits and makeup for the gran finale (which turned out to be even better than what I expected).

I might sound like a broken record but all those anxieties and worries that normally devour me, simply seemed to have taken a few days off. And if you add this to the great humans I bonded with, the deep conversations, the intense and unpredicted moments, the absolute sense of acceptance and openness, and how energised I felt despite the few hours of sleep, then you must agree with me that stepping out of your comfort zone is something that probably we should do more often.

Miranda Sensomat RE, Fujicolor 200/Lomo CN 400 (35)

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August 24, 2019

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