3 days in Warsaw with Adrian and his beautiful muse Kinga.

The man.
His nickname is tall bastard. Well he is tall. And he kinda likes to picture himself as a bastard too. But neither me nor Isabel agree on it. Would a bastard take a day off to show you around? Or cook a tailored hangover breakfast? Or become your personal shopper at Rossmann? Sorry Adrian but if you’re a bastard we didn’t see much of it.

The hipster.
As every respectful hipster he hates hipsters, the places they go, how they dress and what they represent. Deeds don’t match words though and this love/hate relationship just makes it even more obvious. Sorry dude, reality can be cruel!

The photographer.
Adrian is a pro, and that’s a matter of fact. The guy knows what he is doing when it comes to shooting. He combines a unique taste for edgy portraiture and undeniable technical skills and knowledge. Chapeau! [follow his work here: http://ancuper.com]

The vodka.

When people say vodka runs through Poles’ veins you just nod and have a laugh about it, the same way you do when people talk about Italians and their wine. Well, stereotypes proved, once again, to be true. Adrian is a vodka master. Proofs? He can drink up to one litre of plain vodka in 1 night – his own words- and I don’t find that hard to believe since I witnessed him doing quite fine with something like half litre when, with the same drinks, I was too far gone.
Not to mention the hazelnut soplica+milk cocktails at 5 pm, before our flight back (Just so you know, we bought two bottles at the airport…).

Pentacon Six, Kodak Portra 400 (120), June 2015, Warsaw (Poland)

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July 12, 2015

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