Man of few words, walking encyclopedia and sport fanatic, Marco is one of my long-time best friends and the only one that paid me a visit everywhere I lived in the last years (including a quite epic week on the Isle of Wight). Never really understood how he managed to put up with my teenage years shallowness and my early adulthood constant dissatisfaction, I’ll ask him one day!

This time around he came along with Erika, his girlfriend, who used to live in London a while ago and had a love/hate relationship with the city (pretty much like ours). I couldn’t actually wait to get to meet her since Marco told me about her the last time we saw each other in Italy. Heart-shaped eyes wouldn’t be enough to describe him, and, if you know Marco, well, it is definitely something you wouldn’t expect from the lad. Behind curls and a big friendly smile we discovered a witty, smart and fun young woman with a passion for books, travels and, I’d say, quite unconventional tattoos (in case you were wondering about the album’s title).

You make a great couple guys and I can’t wait to hang out with you again.

Nikon N55, Petzval 85, Fuji Provia 100 (35), 10/04/2016, London

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May 12, 2016

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