Back to Berlin, part 1/3

After more than 1 year since the day I left Berlin, me and Isa decided that it was about time to go back. I guess I never anticipated something that bad. The first 20 minutes I spent there were probably the most intense of the last year. I didn’t speak much while I was on the S-bahn from Schoenefeld airport to the city centre. My head was somewhere else. All those places that were passing in front of my eyes couldn’t help but recall thousands of memories and make me aware of how incredibly my lifestyle has changed since the moment I left. I’ve lived for my job, for a career, for the chance of a safer future. But all the rest has been neglected and I’ve become exactly what I didn’t want to be: somebody who lives a life without “living it” for real. It hit me like a punch in my face. It wasn’t until we jumped off the train in Friedrichstrasse that I utterly burst into tears. Reality can be brutal sometimes.

It took me a short time to overcome this feeling. I was soon drifted apart by all those smells and sounds that used to be so familiar. Few steps outside in an amazingly sunny day were enough for me and Isa to realise that the city had not changed and that we still felt like home, like we did the very first time (

On our first day we went on an urbex session in an abandoned swimming pool in Lichtenberg. Chrissi, the flatmate of Isabel’s cousin Katharina, came along. I asked her to join us after I bumped into some impressive pics of her. Unfortunately we got caught and kindly asked to leave after few minutes we broke in. We then moved to an old favourite, the Raw Tempel, which of course didn’t let us down.

Who wants a Clubmate?

LC-A+, Revolog 460nm (35), September 2014, Berlin

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September 29, 2014

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