Living in London is exhausting. I’m not joking. Everything spins so fast around you and you have the constant feeling of not being able to keep up with your multitude of commitments.  Me and Isabel got to the point where we can really tell what it means to live for the weekend!

And, thank God, weekends in London are pretty awesome. The last one was spent with my parents and made no exception.

These pictures are the proof. From Shoreditch vintage extravaganza with the dusty smell of mothballs in Brick Lane’s thrift shops, the creepy necromancy stall, the stuffed animals and bones, the rusty heirlooms, the yellowed world maps and the crumbling book pages at Spitalfields antique market, to the posh relaxed atmosphere of the Kew Gardens.


Olympus OM-1, Lomochrome Turquoise 100-400 (120), July 2015, London