Teufelsberg (German for “the devil’s mountain”) is an artificial hill in the Grunewald locality (former West Berlin) built with the debris from World War II. On top of it towers a striking abandoned American spy/listening station which had been operative until the fall of Berlin Wall.

I have craved to see this place since my very first trip in Berlin in September, however I got a bit discouraged because of the rumours about other people’s risky attempts to break into.

When Francesca and Luca came visiting me and Isa in early January, we reckoned it was about time to give it a try. That’s how we spent a cold and dark Saturday afternoon: getting lost in the Tim Burton’s styled woods around the hill and finding ourselves between the main tower’s torn fluttering awnings while silently staring at the ghostly landscape of the foggiest Berlin I have ever seen.

Totally breathtaking experience

Lubitel 166+, Lomography CN 400 (120), January 2013, Berlin

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December 17, 2013

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