And I’m singing “oh oh” on a Friday night
And I hope everything’s gonna be alright


On a sunday afternoon me and Isa went to Baerenquell Brauerei, a huge abandonded beer factory covered in graffiti in Berlin’s suburbs. Taking advantage of a big hole in a fence close to the main entrance, we sneaked in and we found ourselves exploring this majestic complex of buildings. We didn’t expect to find the leftovers of burnt wrecked cars, painted in black and white, all over the place. Sadly, short after we broke in, we had to leave because of the dark.

The other pics of this album were taken @ Raw Tempel, probably one of my favourite place in Friedrichshain district. This former railway maintenance yard is now the home of many intercultural-projects such as gigs, exhibitions and workshops and is hosting famous clubs, a climbing playground, a skateboard and BMX indoor skatepark, bars, theatres, creative spaces (Urban Spree), flea markets on sundays and much more. When I went there with Martina it was a sunny Friday morning and nobody was around: perfect chance for a short session.

One pic was taken @ the spectacular SpreePark, an abandoned amusement park I will talk about soon…

Lubitel 166+, Lomography B/W 400, November 2012, Berlin

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November 23, 2013


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