Busy working schedules = hard times for lovers.

Especially when you’re working on the night shifts, you’re not particularly satisfied with your “job”, and the only chances to spend a little time with your girlfriend are late at night, when she’s already asleep, and quick lunch breaks.

Luckily we had the weekends for the two us.

Our typical winter Sunday: waking up in the coziest flat ever thanking God not to have to go to work, ending up being late by cuddling each others for hours, hurrying up in order to find a nice place for a tasty brunch, picking up one of the countless abandoned places in Berlin, breaking in, coming back home completely frozen, taking a hot bath, having a soup and enjoying it as if it was gourmet cuisine, falling asleep totally recharged and happy.

These pics were taken during different winter urbex sessions in Berlin:

– Güterbahnhof Pankow (abandoned S-Bahn station and train turntables);

– Ballhaus Gruenau (abandoned ballroom);

– an abandoned children hospital;

– Bärenquell Brauerei (abandoned brewery);

– Alte Eisfabrik (abandoned icecream factory);

– Siemenstadt U-bahn (abandoned metro station and railways).

This very last place will be stuck forever in my mind. Me and Isa walked on the abandoned railways covered in snow, along with a couple of foxes, while big snowflakes were falling on our faces. Magic feelings.

Lubitel 166+, Kodak Ektachrome 100 (120) (#1: Lomography X-Pro 200; #5: Fuji Provia 100), Berlin, January-February 2013

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December 24, 2013

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