Winter in Berlin can be very hard: snowfalls pretty much everyday, incredibly cold weather, complete darkness at 4 pm… These conditions teach you how to take advantage of the few hours of light you’re gifted and allow you to appreciate even more the pleasures of indoor activities such as a warm cup of chai-latte in your favourite cupcake bar with a bunch of good friends.

Me and Isa went to Berlin Tierpark with two friends on a cold December weekend. I would have never thought to see elephants and giraffes in the snow! The few visitors left early in the afternoon and we were left alone in this huge ghostly park. Everything was surreal and surprisingly quiet, with an exception of the incredibly loud and colourful flamingos’ house.

Soon afterwards, just before Christmas, me and Isa went to Vienna for a short trip. Two days of continuous showers didn’t prevent us from enjoying the romantic vibes of the city. We managed to see Schoenbrunn castle and its amazing park, Prater (the famous amusement park), the uncanny artsy Hundertwasser’s houses, Belvedere castle and the stunning Klimt’s permanent exhibition… Not to forget the beautiful mansard we had the chance to sleep in for two nights. Lovely memories.

Lubitel 166+, Fuji Provia 100/Fuji Velvia 50, Berlin/Vienna, December 2012

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December 4, 2013


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