April 2017, Sondrio (Italy)

After 4 months of travels, right before moving to Berlin, me and Isa spent a few weeks in our hometown in Northern Italy. Making the most of a very sunny and warm spring weather, I managed to organise few Petzval photoshoots with some dear friends. I had somehow missed this lens a lot while in South America and couldn’t wait to take some typical-Andrej-Russkovskij portraits.
Marta and Adele were my first flawless models, Sondrio’s old town the location.

Me and Serena used to be flat mates in Milan and both studied vet medicine. Once we graduated, our lives quickly took opposite directions, which led to many misunderstandings and, eventually, to lose track of each other.
Luckily, adulthood teaches you to be slightly more understanding and not to unnecessarily hold a grudge just for the sake of it.
Serena got married, had a baby girl, Matilde, and recently opened her own vet surgery. And I was glad to hear the stories behind these life-changing events directly from her lips.

After flatly turning down my offer to pose naked in the woods (eheh), my brother, Michele, gave in to grandpa’s old flannel shirt and played his best lumberjack.

Once Isa asked me who was the person I spent most of my time with. She was quite sure I would have answered “you, of course”. But I didn’t.
Valentina is my childhood’s mischief companion, teenage years’ friend, uni years’ class mate and roommate. Undoubtedly she still holds the record of hours spent together!
However, this didn’t reflect on my pics, since she posed for me only few times when I was still a Lomography newbie. It was about time to do something about it. 

Nikon N55, Petzval 58 Bokeh Control, Fuji Pro 200 / Agfa Scala 200 (35, expired)

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June 14, 2018

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