“What’s better than scaring the pants off of yourselves on an autumn saturday afternoon in an abandoned military hospital? Beelitz Heilstätten, we’ve come for you”

I consider that day one of the highlights of 2012. I landed in Berlin in a sunny day and Isa came picking me up at the airport. She took me to her new flat and I remember feeling so happy and astonished by how the autumn hues made Berlin look stunning. I found out she prepared a lovely breakfast for the two of us and that she had planned to go to the abandoned sanatorium/military hospital in Beelitz.

We knew that place was about to be massive but we didn’t expect the 60 majestic buildings surrounded by the woods we found. In the beginning we felt a bit overwhelmed, but eventually curiosity gained the upper hand and we managed to sneak in in one of the main wings. What we found was an opulent treasure and even if we were not able to take pics because of poor light conditions, those images will be stuck in our minds forever.

[Do you believe in GHOST STORIES? We came back to Beelitz seven months later and these are the MENTAL things that happened http://dreck-magazine.co.uk/haunted-berlin/ ]

Lubitel 166+, Lomography X-Pro 200 (120), October 2012, Beelitz (Germany)

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November 11, 2013


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