June 2018, Berlin

Rootless and extravagant dreamers, opinionated and unprejudiced, sharply-witted, independent and faintly narcissistic. These are the Berlin kids in all their beautiful contradictions.


Chapter 7:


Grey December morning of 7 years ago. German classes. New group of students. Front row, composed posture, genuine smile, determined gaze and a piece of paper that said “Sanju”. I immediately thought what a funny nickname that was and sat close to her. We both were newbies at German, however, unlike most of the other guys in the class, we were both there to make it and we learned to push each other to do our best.

Our friendship blossomed when she asked me if I wanted to grab some dim sum with her right after German classes (good move girl! This is still a tradition between us). That’s when I got to discover what an awesome story teller, unstoppable chatterbox and adorably clumsy young lady she was.

From that day very much has happened. We both moved to other cities, worked hard on our respective carriers and relationships and eventually found each other again in Berlin in a form of stronger and more confident young adults. Sanju, to me, is a good reminder of how hard work, patience and devotion are fundamental to achieve whichever goal you set in life. And guess what, you don’t actually have to give up being your bubbly self in the making!


Name: Sanjivani Bindra
Nationality: New Zealander
In Berlin since: 2013/2017 (long story)
Where did you live before moving to Berlin:  Auckland/ Paris
Profession: an Accountant
Dream profession: dunno actually… I like what i do
How would you describe yourself: determined
Biggest inspirations: my family and my friends
Favourite activities in Berlin: gallery tours and outdoor markets
The place to be in Berlin: wherever you want to be
Your best Berlin story: when I met my husband
Picture yourself in 10 years: a lot can happen in 10 years! I cant say.

“One of the toughest times of my life was when I moved to this new city. After all, it was not a move of small magnitude… I had in fact moved about eighteen thousand kilometres. Berlin is unique, it has a broad spectrum of things on offer. But I never thought it would teach me one of the best life hacks: to not care about what people think of you and just be you. Probably the most underrated or the never-really-understood phrase by the wise Dr Seuss: “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is you-er than you”… so just be YOU!

“Recently as i reflected on my life and career – like one does as it is getting closer to the end of the year after all! I found one constant in my life- change. I seem to have some form of change in my life every 3 years. Why 3 years? And more importantly why have I always welcomed change? Is change bad? Does it indicate that i am constantly looking for something new? I shall never really know… all i know that there some constant and some moving parts of my life and all of that makes me HAPPY!!”

Miranda Sensomat RE, Fujicolor 200/Kodak Gold 200 (35)

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March 19, 2019

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