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Rootless and extravagant dreamers, opinionated and unprejudiced, sharply-witted, independent and faintly narcissistic. These are the Berlin kids in all their beautiful contradictions.


Chapter 11:


I always find inspiring to come across somebody putting all of their heart, sweat and tears in a project.

When I met Hanna and Julia, the proud and mindful founders of Dzaino, a brand that aims at giving a second life to old jeans in the form of bags and other items, I wasn’t accustomed with the concept of slow fashion, nor I actually looked very much into how sustainability in the fashion industry could be achieved or promoted. I kinda always had looked at small designers’ products in a pretty superficial way, acknowledging their ethical value and, generally, better quality, but without really making an effort to get over the higher costs.

Being exposed to their philosophy affected the way I now perceive the clothing industry. I buy far less, more second hand, occasionally support the work of small designers and definitely pay more attention to the brands’ production policies and ethic.

Name: Hanna Sin Gebauer
Nationality: German
In Berlin since: Fall 2014
Where did you live before moving to Berlin: Hamburg
Profession: Designer
Dream profession: Designer, co-founder of my own brand, fashion revolutionary, fair fashion supporter,
How would you describe yourself: relaxed, good eye for aesthetics, balanced and at the same time impatient
Biggest inspirations: my friends, my parents
Favourite activities in Berlin: museums, even though I go there way too rarely
The place to be in Berlin: on my bike
Your best Berlin story: founding my own brand in Berlin
Picture yourself in 10 years: second weekend house somewhere in Brandenburg next to my family base in Berlin. Still working for Dzaino but also having enough time for my family and for traveling

Name: Julia Hermesmeyer
Nationality: German
In Berlin since: March 2014
Where did you live before moving to Berlin: Dortmund, Rio de Janeiro, Hamburg, Bremen, Venice, Weimar
Profession: Seamstress, Designer, Yoga teacher
Dream profession: I am doing what I love but there are so many interesting things to learn, who knows what I will be in 10 years
How would you describe yourself: curious, open minded, nature loving, sportive, active and spontaneous
Biggest inspirations: nature, children, music
Favourite activities in Berlin: in the summer riding my bike at Tempelhofer Feld with music in my ears
The place to be in Berlin: Tempelhofer Feld or one of the beautiful lakes around Berlin
Your best Berlin story: perhaps that I didn’t want to live in Berlin, but I decided to come here because of my friends. Best decision ever!
Picture yourself in 10 years: somewhere outside Berlin or perhaps somewhere in the south of Europe. I would say with a family and working in a field which is somehow connected with social interaction and working for a future worth living in.

“Before we decided to start our own business and quit our jobs, we were very much afraid of this decision. Once we did it, we couldn’t believe how relived we actually felt. Now that we are working for our own label, Dzaino, we still have so much to learn and plenty of obstacles to overcome. However, it is unarguably the best experience ever. The most important thing to us is that we are actually working as a team: we can rely on each other and combine our skills and powers. Our longtime friendship is at the base of our working relationship, we are motivated to keep it going as smooth as possible, even in the hardest of times.”


According to our self-image as designers, our responsibility exceeds far beyond the actual design process. At Dzaino we want to create highly aesthetic products of exceptional quality while never losing sight of a fair, transparent and eco-friendly production process. We focus on appreciation of resources and work with techniques such as upcycling and redesign. We believe that also small labels make a difference.

We keep it simple, because less is more. We are minimalists because we like it clear. We believe in mindfulness and sustainability.

#rethink #reduce #reuse

Lubitel 166+, Kodak Portra 160 (120)

Miranda Sensomat RE, Fujicolor 200 (35)

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