October 2017 / July 2018, Berlin

Rootless and extravagant dreamers, opinionated and unprejudiced, sharply-witted, independent and faintly narcissistic. These are the Berlin kids in all their beautiful contradictions.


Chapter 1:


Me and Jake know each other thanks to a common friend, Emily, who I met on a boat trip from Colombia to Panama. I immediately felt connected to this charismatic and larger than life human being, to his ability to turn bullshit into the most meaningful conversation, to his openness, story telling skills and unconditioned love for every possible form of beauty.

I will never get tired of saying how much our photo session blew me away. Never had a model with such a positive energy, confidence and attitude. He definitely played a major key in pushing me in the direction of the B L N  K D Z project, and kinda made me re-discovered my passion for portraiture.


Name: Jake
Nationality: North American
In Berlin since: July 2017
Where did you live before moving to Berlin: Portland, OR
Profession: Writer/Opportunist
Dream profession: Think tank idea man and stripper on the weekend
How would you describe yourself: a seemingly never ending ball of energy that champions uniqueness of being, self awareness, and positivity above everything else
Biggest inspirations: humans of all kinds, but usually the ones I call friends
Favourite activities in Berlin: dancing and being a freak
The place to be in Berlin: Berghain is too obvious so I’ll go with Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap
Your best Berlin story: I once peed between a girls legs whilst she peed and our pee streams crossed 🏆
Picture yourself in 10 years: dead or a strange mixture of musician/actor/life coach

“Berlin is a place where your strongest qualities can find their mark, but also a place where your darkest attributes can reveal themselves in unexpected ways. “Break in or be broken” is a phrase I’ve heard used more than once when referencing this bizarre city, and it’s held a lot of truth in my experience. Finding yourself may seem like what’s happening here, but I get the feeling many of us that are coming to Berlin are just becoming more lost.”

“There are a thousand different lives living within me. There is the strong, focused, dedicated individual that doesn’t stop until they succeed. There is the weak, vulnerable, strange individual that recoils at the first sign of adversity. Then there is the content, satisfied, happy individual that requires nothing but life itself to keep on going – just to name a few. Every day I get the choice to be one, or multiple, of these people, and this choice completely determines what happens next. But when I find the right balance, I will truly know what it means to be Me.”

“Artists of all types face a constant enemy: their pride for what they do. With every progressive step we take, our humility grips us and tells us we should not flaunt our work. Be it if we think this will make us seem fake, disingenuous, or something else entirely, the fear of presenting our work is often caused by our own guilt surrounding how much we enjoy what we do. This fear must be acknowledged, but in the end, squandered. We have crafted particular abilities throughout our lifetimes, abilities that are completely our own. To show these to the world is to show our fingerprint; the uniqueness of our being.
For years I have felt embarrassed, not by my abilities themselves, but for the persistent PLEASURE caused by my abilities. I LIKE the things I create, I LOVE the things I do. This doesn’t make me a shallow asshole or some attention seeking whore – it makes me me, it’s part of who I am. Sure, maybe not every artist feels a great pride for their work, but many do – and I believe some of those individuals feel restricted by their own pride. We shouldn’t be. We should flaunt our abilities with bold brush strokes, belted high notes, and ecstatic vocabularies. We can’t hide behind humility, not anymore, for we will always be humble, but we won’t always be able.”

“To know you’re needed
and still
crave for self possessed

Why so territorial?
When you know
they’re already impressed

You give your love freely
so why is their love
considered fleeing?

Take these moments
hold yourself
because tomorrow
they’ll be back”

Lubitel 166+, Rollei 200 (120)

Nikon N55, Petzval 58 Bokeh Control, Fujicolor 200 (35)

Miranda Sensomat RE, Kodak Gold 200 (35)

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September 6, 2018

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