31/07/2018, Berlin

Rootless and extravagant dreamers, opinionated and unprejudiced, sharply-witted, independent and faintly narcissistic. These are the Berlin kids in all their beautiful contradictions.


Chapter 8:


7 years have gone by since I got introduced to Anna and, oh my, I bet she would have never guessed which direction her life could take. What used to be a messy haired, Wedding based, clumsy daydreamer, busy coming up with thousands of more or less realistic ideas, introducing herself to strangers as Dzordina from an imaginary country called Gordonia and selling her old clothes in the dusty bit of Mauerpark, is now a married, more sophisticated, serene and balanced woman, who can actually make some of those crazy ideas true.

But few things haven’t changed: her obsession for Beyoncè, her love for Balkan beats, and her trademark loud laughter.


Name: Anna Maria Rytarowski
Nationality: Polish
In Berlin since: forever
Where did you live before moving to Berlin: somewhere over the rainbow… For a short time in Barcelona
Profession: Human Resources Manager – is the classic term, which is a horrible one. Humans are not resources but an endless potential.
Dream profession: Actress in theater
How would you describe yourself: ufff I am little bit crazy, chaotic, loud, creative, passionate, emotional and empathetic, sometimes quiet and deep, but as I already said, mostly loud, doglover … It feels difficult to end this list!
Biggest inspirations: My grandmother, no matter what happened to her, she always gave me her beautiful smile…And what a fashionista! I wish I could have been friends with her, when she was in her 20es! We would have run the world.
Favorite activities in Berlin: Drinking beer with your friends, have a deep conversation mixed with some bullshit … Preferably in a park.
The place to be in Berlin: ok the park I’m talking about is a real park: it’s big, green, lots of dogs, and from time to time you see a techno party… But you always find your private place – Volkspark Rehberge
Your best Berlin story:  My first week at the university I signed up for a photography course. There were around 60 students and 5 professors in a small room. I raised my hand, asked a question and suddenly, like in one of those bad naked dreams, everyone started laughing so hard, that they were crying. It was an explosion. Then I realized what i just asked. „ Are you talking about digital photography or also anal photography?”
Picture yourself in 10 years: I don’t wanna know, I want to surprise myself and my amazing husband.

Waiting for Godot“ is an absurdity drama from Samuel Beckett in which two mysterious characters, Estragon and Vladimir, are waiting the whole time for Godot to arrive. No-one knows who Godot is and you find so many different interpretations of what it could stand for.
I feel Berlin is a city full of Godot and the people waiting for it. Waiting for Godot to come, but meanwhile having a lot of fun! There is so much going on this city. Art-scene, party, sports, education, work, love and sex. Endless opportunities! Every day you could meet a new person and have a conversation you’ve never had. Getting confronted with new ideas, opinions and dreams. Getting inspired on a regular basis, only if you are open to it. Open to change and challenges in life.
But with every inspiration you might wait even more for Godot. At the same time you don’t know what or who Godot is, so you wait and make the most of the opportunities you come across.
What is an opportunity? Is it destiny? I do believe in destiny, but you can’t live your life just counting on it. Destiny brings you only moments, chances and let you cross important people on your journey. It does not make you fall in love or bring you success and doesn’t take responsibility for your decisions. But every decision, every step you take brings you closer to Godot. Especially every wrong decision taught me so much about myself and the life I wanna have. And while we figure out what is it we are looking for, we simply wanna live. And this city gives you endless opportunities to feel alive.
And somewhere in Berlin under a bridge, a party or theatre stage you might hear this dialog:
Estragon: „We always find something, eh Didi, to give us the impression we exist?“
Vladimir: „Yes, yes, we’re magicians.”


There is this beautiful and underrated country called Gordoña. Everything about it is weird and magical. It has a very funny shape: it starts at the border of Kazakhstan and ends at the border of Greece. Even the language is just music in your ears. My name is Dzordina or how you would say in Gordonian: “Je como Dzordina”. I can call myself proud for being a Gordonian girl. And you might ask yourself why. Well, even though I made up this country entirely, I’ve met plenty of people, who literally claim to have visited my imaginary place. Isn’t it amazing?

Miranda Sensomat RE,  Fujicolor 200 (35)

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May 3, 2019

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