08/09/2018, Berlin

Rootless and extravagant dreamers, opinionated and unprejudiced, sharply-witted, independent and faintly narcissistic. These are the Berlin kids in all their beautiful contradictions.


Chapter 13:


Late summer day, hot weather and two bubbly and loud Frenchies, gossiping and giving it all to the camera  in between a bicycle ride and a rooftop party.


Name: Anissa Eprinchard
Nationality: French-Swiss
In Berlin since: July 2017
Where did you live before moving to Berlin: Budapest
Profession: Brand manager in pharma
Dream profession: Dancer, Journalist, Event manager
How would you describe yourself:  extrovert, self-critical, distracted, passionate, anxious, dependent, controlling, contradictory, empathetic, really honest, impatient, judgemental, funny. Biggest inspirations: my mother & my closest friends
Favourite activities in Berlin: fishing
The place to be in Berlin: anywhere with friends
Your best Berlin story: every weekend becomes the best story
Picture yourself in 10 years: with or without children, more serene, loving and loved, and of course happy.

“I am angry at people for not being true to themselves or for abandoning me, I am angry at myself for being so vulnerable and exposed. I am angry all the time. And how do I deal with this anger? By being just the opposite: loving and thankful. And every time I am angry I just go out, stroll around, ride my bicycle, take the metro or the tram, and observe the people evolving in such a vibrant city and being the beating heart of this wonderful place. And eventually, everything is forgiven.”


Name: Lucie
Nationality: French
In Berlin since: January 2017
Where did you live before moving to Berlin: Lyon, Singapore, Frankfurt, Erevan, Düsseldorf
Profession: Brand Manager for prostate cancer
Dream profession: Actress
How would you describe yourself: Enthusiastic weirdo who loves to eat and to dance
Biggest inspirations: Picasso, scientific geniuses, “Charmed” and its powerful witches, myself
Favourite activities in Berlin: A bike ride in Tempelhofer Feld, clubbing, exploring new art exhibitions
The place to be in Berlin: Anywhere by the canal/in the nature (Berlin has so many nice forests)
Your best Berlin story: Long story short… I ended up in Tegel,  and my flight was departing from Schönefeld (the airport on the opposite side of the city). Took a cab and wanted to pay right before arriving as I only had 4 minutes before my gate closed. However, the driver could only take cash or EC Karte so I had to run away to get my flight… Dude, if you read this I still owe you 60€! Hope you enjoyed the pretzels I forgot in your car!
Picture yourself in 10 years: Hopefully doing something significant for our planet

“Being inspired by yourself might sound very pretentious and, at a certain extent, slightly crazy. However, it also highlights the value of self acceptance and how this can actually affect your life vision. Berlin strengthens my self awareness and how I would like to be perceived by others on a daily basis. If accepting your own flaws is already a hard job nowadays, embracing them is actually even tougher. Nevertheless, that’s what I’m progressively aiming at. Seeing loneliness as a chance to analyse and understand our behaviours and choices, as scary as it might sound for most people, is a fundamental part of this process. It’s something we owe to ourselves, since, at the end of the day, it’s only ourselves we can really TRUST. ”

Miranda Sensomat RE, Kodak Gold 200 (35)

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May 5, 2020

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