Martina is probably the person me and Isa can relate the most because of the same lifestyle choices we made. Like us, she didn’t accept today’s Italian working conditions and the lack of opportunities for new graduates and therefore she opted to find better chances abroad. Even though we’ve been living in different countries and we haven’t seen each others very often, I really can tell that experiencing the same kind of situations (acceptance, exploitation, humiliation, solitude…) bound us incredibly.

When last November she came visiting me and Isa in Berlin, she was at a low ebb because of 3 months unsuccessfully spent at home sending CVs all over the world. She was still far from knowing that soon afterwards she would have moved to New York to start a new job and a new life, way closer to her boyfriend.

These pics were taken during some extremely cold days @: Raw Tempel, Prenzlauerberg, the suicide cemetery in Grunewald (where we bumped into the Velvet Undergound Nico’s grave and Martina stepped on her bananas) and @ the lomo birthday party (Berlin Lomography Store)

Diana Mini F+, Fuji Velvia 100, November 2012, Berlin

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November 20, 2013


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