Headed to the Baltic Sea.

After some days of drama with some friends in Berlin, me and Isa decided to leave the city for a weekend in order to clear up our mind by enjoying the breathtaking and unique shores of the Ostsee. As soon as we arrived there it was pouring and so we were somehow forced to visit the only indoor place in the area: a butterfly farm, which turned out to be pretty cool in the end. Luckily for us the day after proved to be totally sunny and, as far as possible for this place, warm. We found ourselves enjoying simple things like feeling the sun on our skin and the wind blowing through our hair and eventually we managed to keep the drama away for the whole day.

Lubitel 166+, Fuji MS 100/1000 (120) / Fuji Velvia 50 [Isa @ the butterfly farm], Trassenheide-Heringsdorf-Ahlbeck, May 2013