Back to Berlin, part 2/3

Almost two years have passed since me, Isa and our friend Martina explored the infamous Spreepark on an Autumn cloudy and cold Sunday morning (

This time around things went differently. First of all those horrible tours (that actually were the only way to see the abandoned amusement park) ceased to exist. Secondly, part of the park has been set on fire and burnt by a bunch of idiots. Finally, at the moment, it is completely easy to break in considering the multiple holes in the fence and the lack of watchmen. If you haven’t been there yet, hurry up and do it because things might change again soon.

Of course we missed this last information when we broke in, so we walked silently in the wood following the old train track to reach the main path. It didn’t take long before we realised that actually we didn’t have to worry about being caught…

Only in Berlin.


Lubitel 166+, Fuji Provia 100 / Fuji Provia 400 (120), September 2014, Berlin